What is Assimbli?

Assimbli recreates the experience of a great dinner party where people come open-minded, the food is good, and the conversation flows. Assimbli helps you make meaningful personal or professional real-life connections in a relaxed environment.

How does it work?

Browse our dinner options and select the one that interests you. Make your reservation, pay online, and you're all set! On the day of the dinner, just come (on time) with a print-out of your ticket and you'll be taken to the Assimbli table.

Who uses Assimbli? What kind of people am I likely to meet?

Assimbli users are cosmopolitan, adventurous, open-minded professionals who are looking to expand their circle of connections. Some might be new to their cities, some might have exhausted their existing network of friends, and others might be looking for people who share a specific interest. what's for certain is that they all have plenty of stories to tell.

I had a great time talking to this person, but I forgot to ask for their contact. How can I be in touch?

Once you have shared a meal with someone, you have the opportunity to connect with them on Assimbli, which allows you to send them a private message on our network. Check "My Dinners" and click on their photo to send them a connection request.

I have been to a dinner with this person, and now they keep trying to contact me but I m not interested. How do you deal with unrequited attention?

If you don't want to stay in touch with this person, simply do not respond to their connection request. If they keep bothering you, send us a quick email at: customersupport@assimbli.com.

What happens if I am late to a dinner?

The first 15 minutes are set aside for dinner guests to introduce themselves and get settled. If you arrive later than that, the meal will start without you.

How do I pay?

You pay for your meal online as you make your reservation. Tax and tip are included, so you won't have anything to add on the day, unless you order something extra.

I have booked a dinner but I won't be able to make it. Can I get a refund?

Booking a dinner on Assimbli is just like buying a concert or movie ticket. There are no refunds, but dinner seats are fully transferable. Feel free to pass on your reservation to a friend!