About Us

Assimbli recreates the experience of a great dinner party where people come open-minded, the food is good, and the conversation flows. Assimbli helps you make meaningful personal or professional real-life connections in a relaxed environment.

Team Members
Marie Lora-Mungai

CO-founder and CEO

A television producer, journalist and entrepreneur, Marie loves eating French, expensive, or free food, exploring the beaches of Kenya, turning herself into a yoga-flavored human pretzel in LA, and meeting passionate people wherever they can be found.

Victor Lora

CO-founder and COO

Victor likes meeting people, reading and getting things done. He is finishing his Masters in Investment Banking. Previously, he was a visiting researcher at UCLA working on adaptive systems.

Benjamin Riquet

CO-founder and CTO

Benjamin is a computer-science, music, film and food geek. He was a visiting researcher at the Stanford Security Lab.

Lisa Kajita

VP of Development

Lisa runs her own communications agency specializing in the food industry. She spends most of her time in restaurants but because she's Parisian + Japanese, she doesn't get fat. That's unfair, but hey, that's life!

Nicolas di Tullio

Lead Programmer

Nicolas spends most of his time programming. Even though he's Parisian + Chinese, he gets fat very easily. He accepts life's unfairness.

Barbara Muriungi

Graphic designer

Barbara Muriungi is a Kenyan Designer and Animator who has worked in Commercial and Broadcast design in New York and Boston, creating branding, typography and illustration for HBO, the National Geographic Channel, the Disney Channel and others.